Music Discovery: A Human Touch

The experience of discovering new music using algorithms created by streaming services and e-commerce sites can be helpful, but after a while they become seriously boring, and majorly repetitive. Sure, Miguel and Chance The Rapper are good recommendations for someone who likes Frank Ocean, but most music fans are looking for something deeper… something personal. They are looking for discovery.

One of the best places to truly discover new music is at a record store. The rhetoric between a store clerk and consumer is one that outdates these algorithms by many decades. But what’s so special about a face-to-face conversation? The discovery is flexible. It’s a two-way street. The store clerk is constantly helping customers by recommending music and completing sales, while the customer is shining a light on music the clerk may not have known previously. There are conversations. This process repeats and repeats. The store clerk becomes more versed in a myriad of music, and can now draw the line between various genres and make real, uninhibited recommendations. The customer leaves feeling special, like they just stumbled upon a little piece of treasure.

That human touch is something The Edit holds near and dear. Our unique hybrid, human-assisted AI platform brings together the best of machine learning algorithms and expert based recommendations to emulate a shopping experience unlike anything else.

Want to travel backwards through the linage of Lou Reed all the way into the Velvet Underground, or forward into the shadow of influence cast by David Bowie? Need to tell someone about that time your band opened for The Replacements, or when your parents gifted you all their Nina Simone albums? We’re here for you, and we love hearing your stories. We love connecting the dots between obscure Chicago gospel and mainstream hip hop. We love showing you that sample you love so much, in its original form. We hope you learn about something new and exciting everyday, because we’re always learning too.