New Name, New Look

As you know, ReplyYes is now MessageYes. Our CEO, Dave Cotter, explained in a recent blog post: “Messaging is a fundamental part of what we do, so we wanted to elevate it to our company name.”

As the Art Director of MessageYes, it’s my job (and pleasure) to create a logo and brand identity that matches our new name. In this blog post, I’ll talk about the process of creating this new logo, color palette, and the meaning behind them.

The Process

Like any project, there were some challenges to take on — both visual and conceptual.
Conceptually, it was important that the logo reflected the brand identity of the company. To achieve this, I used words that were used to describe MessageYes — both internally and externally — as inspiration.

After exploring many different design perspectives, along with many different fonts, one stood out as a clear winner.

The New Logo

The new logo is easy to understand at a glance in imagery and legibility.

It’s crafted from a sans-serif, modernist-inspired typeface that is clean, approachable, and easy to read in various sizes. Being reminiscent of device fonts, it calls out to how MessageYes operates on mobile devices.

The “e” at the end of “Message” is hand-modified to give the logo a lively, fun quality.

MessageYes’ new logo mark can be used in place of the logo in its entirety without compromising the message or identity of the company, making it extremely useful.


The Color Palette

With a new name and new logo comes a new color palette. Color considerations for MessageYes were made by researching color meanings, how color is used in businesses on a global scale, and what colors are most used in the tech industry. A blue-dominant brand identity was the best direction to go in for various reasons.

Blue, in a broad sense, demonstrates trustworthiness, dependability, and clarity. We as a company are a trusted brand and have clarity on what the future holds for conversational commerce.

Turquoise evokes open communication, creativity, harmony, and self-expression. This color also sets us apart from other tech companies and gives MessageYes a friendly and fun tone.

The dark blue-violet also communicates in a positive way. It is said to have the power to uplift and encourage creativity, making it a perfect dominant color for MessageYes.

Overall, this color palette says that we’re dependable, fun, creative, authentic, and conversational.

With our new name and new look, we’re ready to keep moving forward in the world of conversational commerce.

— Katie Tyler, Art Director