Experiences That Drive Purchases

MessageYes is applicable to all kinds of direct-to-consumer brand and retail businesses. Our white-label platform can be branded and tailored to meet your business’ specific needs. We use AI and personalization, accompanied by humans, to help you create authentic experiences that scale. Play demos to see them in action.

This video is about MessageYes – who we are, what we do, and a quick walkthrough of our basic user experience. To see more technology features, scroll down to view the rest of our demos.


Users can be given choices such as size and color with offers to personalize their purchase.
Featuring: Color & size selection, and keyword use.

Consumer Products

Accompanying content with a related offer is an easy way to bridge the gap between engagement and purchase.
Featuring: Joining with a shortcode and first-time purchasing.

Digital Content

Exploration, curation, and frictionless purchasing are all highlighted on this personal platform.
Featuring: In-message tailoring, user-initiated requests, and a sale offer.


Discoverability is a high value prop in the consumables market. In this case, offers are presented to the user as a chance to explore the coffee world.
Featuring: Profile creation, human response, and a limited edition offer.


Cut through the email clutter by reaching out to your customer base on a more personal level. Users can make selections, reviews, and purchase via text.
Featuring: Sneak peeks, a choice of product, and related digital content messaging.

VIP Experience

VIP Experiences are a great way to engage your customer base by giving them an opportunity to buy products tailored to their taste before others.
Featuring: Exclusive content and limited time offers