ReplyYes’ conversational commerce platform enables brands to directly engage and transact with consumers over mobile messaging. It provides brands with a white-label platform to grow direct-to-consumer e-commerce, increase consumer engagement, and make the mobile-first consumer experience frictionless.

Unique Platform Features

  • In-Message Payments

    Consumers can instantly purchase products by simply replying “YES” via text from their smartphones.

  • Personalization

    Each consumer’s individual profile evolves based on keyword responses to text message offers, such as “LIKE”, “DISLIKE”, “OWN”, and “YES” to purchase.

  • Recommendation Engine

    Consumers receive personalized offers at scale using machine-based curation, making offers relevant while fostering product discoveries that individuals may not have been aware of or directly sought out.

  • AI & Chatbot

    Consumer responses are immediately handled by a chatbot in each brand’s unique tone and voice. The chatbot learns over time to handle an ever-widening range of consumer responses.

  • Human-assisted AI

    Consumers that respond via text with questions or phrases that the chatbot cannot interpret are automatically routed to customer engagement agents (CE) who engage via text, eliminating dead-end frustration, facilitating purchases, and creating strong consumer trust and loyalty.

  • OMS Integration

    Once consumers purchase, order information is handed from the ReplyYes platform to brand clients’ existing order management systems (OMS) to be fulfilled, such as Magento, Shopify, Demandware, etc.

ReplyYes also has dashboard reporting and data that enable brand clients to easily track mobile subscriber base acquisition, deactivations, offer volumes, purchase conversion rates, cohort performance, revenue, and other key metrics. To learn more, contact us.